Sunday, November 30, 2008

Asked my friend from KL to help me take some pics and get autograph . Hope she make it ;D
9:55 PM
Saturday, November 29, 2008
Linda's Schedule Trip to M'sia 2008

4th december- MYfm radiostation at 3pm...remember to turn on your radio
4th december -ipoh parade,Ipoh at 7pm
5th december-Sg.wang,KL at 8pm
6th december-Taiping sentral at 3pm
6th december- Butterworth Sunway Carnival at 6pm
6th december-Penang Queensbay Mall at 8pm

... i hate this ! i'm going to M'sia on the 3rd but none of this places is where i'm going !
9:48 PM
This Blog

Compared to others . My blog is ... so lousy ! Omg. got to apologise for that . Sorry !
9:42 PM
Purpose of this blog

There is already a fan club made for Linda , so what is this blog for ? Its for Fans like me or rather us . Actually also wanted her to know she got great fans . haha . Personally i feel that we dont have to know every news of her . Just abit of every is enough . Okay !
9:42 AM
Thursday, November 27, 2008

Tvb rocks ! i'm a fan of many like Tavia Yeung( 杨怡) , Bosco Wong( 黄宗泽) , Moses Chan(陈豪) . Hmm , there is 1 more , Charmaine sheh ( 佘詩曼) ! We cannot say that Chris Lai (黎诺懿) isn't cute though .Oh Ya ! Raymond Lam is Hot ! ;D. Linda is still the best . hahahaha ! Looking forward for them to be in Singapore .
10:18 PM
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